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Interview with a Man(pire)

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modPhoto courtesy of Kris Skoda

The Vanguard recently sat down with Kris Skoda, Editor in Chief of, to discuss his newest venture into the realm of television right here on the Gulf Coast.

VG: Who goes there? Introduce yourself and state your purpose.
Kris Skoda: I’m the devilishly handsome, yet overwhelmingly modest “Man About Town” at Mod Mobilian (Dot Com). Lo-and-behold, I was also a writer at The Vanguard for a number of years. But for the purposes of this interview, I guess I’m the creator of MMTV (Mod Mobilian TV).
VG: So, Mod Mobilian TV. Can you explain that to us? I mean, where’d it come from?
We want the entire story—hold nothing back. Well, maybe some stuff can be held back. Just give us your best approximation of what it is and how it all came together. That might work best.
KS: MMTV is a modern day (if really strange) variety show. The show combines aspects of things like Jackass, Adult Swim, Wondershowzen, VICE, Saturday Night Live, Whitest Kids U Know and Mighty Boosh. I could totally see MMTV coming on at 1 a.m. on Adult Swim. The really cool part is, though, almost all content was created in Mobile. The show format is that it has no format. You might see a short film, then a music video, then a cartoon, then a five second clip of someone getting punched in the face. It’s essentially TV for the ADD.
VG: Sounds like most people I know, myself included. And what exactly is the “purpose” of the show? Do you have a certain audience in mind (considering it’s debuting on JagTV, we’re just going to naturally assume college kids are included)?
KS: The purpose of the show is to shine a light on all the things that are going on in Mobile that people have no idea about. There is so much going on here, from short film scrambles to great bands and events. I genuinely believe that folks would enjoy these things, they just don’t know about them. MMTV is definitely geared towards a younger crowd. That’s not to say that an older crowd couldn’t enjoy it. The show just has a very “modern” sense of humor. The show won’t be just on JagTV either; it will come out the next day, after airing, on the site ( for everyone else as well.
VG: With that in mind, what can we, as an audience, expect from Mod Mobilian?
KS: You can expect to laugh a lot. Then cry. Then get angry. Then maybe a little thirsty. Then laugh again. Then maybe you’ll want to drink a beer and smoke a joint. Not that we endorse beer-joints.
VG: We don’t normally endorse those either. What has the experience of filming a show and having it on-route to broadcastdom been like? (Do you feel famous?)
KS: I do feel a little famous, at least locally, but it has nothing to do with the show. The Mobile City Council, Mobile Arts Council, the mayor, they all follow our site. It’s sort of strange really...As far as the show goes, we actually didn’t film anything specifically for it. The content was already there, we just compiled it. The second season, which will be coming next semester, will be all original content made for the show though. We’re evolving with it.
VG: Sounds intriguing. If you could sum up Mod Mobilian in one sentence, would it be a run-on or a fragment? Also, what is your sentence?
KS: Fragment: hood famous. Sentence: “We’re a pack of strays.” Yeah, it’s a quote from Life Aquatic, but it applies to Mod Mobilian. We all come from completely different disciplines. I was a writer. One of us is a radio host. One of us is actually a neurosurgeon, believe it or not.
VG: I find it easy to believe, oddly enough. What advice do you have for any USA students interested in following in your footsteps?
KS: It’s funny you ask that, because ANYONE can submit content to MMTV. Although most content is created locally, we have contributors from as far away as New York and New Orleans. I really hope that people send us stuff. The show is for everyone. As far as advice, work hard but party harder. It’s the only way I know to stay sane. Support local stuff, they’re the ones that actually give a s*** if you show up or not. And never let Billy Dee Williams hold a twenty, but that’s a story for another time.

A big thank you is in order to Kris Skoda, “Man About Town,” for his willingness to be interviewed. He was certainly a good sport, and gave as good as he got.

Remember to tune in on Wednesday, September 14 to JagTV (channel 63) at 9:00 p.m. to see the series premiere of Mod Mobilian TV. It’s sure to be a show worth looking out for, if only for the reason of seeing our town in a new light.


Written by Bailey Hammond | Life Editor

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