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Player Profile: Aakim Saintil

Transitioning from high school to college can be stressful enough, and with the added pressure of being a student-athlete, it would seem easy to become overwhelmed.

By Jenna Munday | Contributing Writer 09 February 2014

The Prowl to broadcast multiple sports in spring

LOC1CHosting everything from societal issues to sport programs, The Prowl is known as South’s go-to station for current information.

By Jenna Munday | Contributing Writer 09 February 2014

Softball complex update, interview Dr. Joel Erdmann

If you have driven down Old Shell Road, you have probably seen construction occurring at the softball complex.

By JT Crabtree | Sports Editor 09 February 2014

Super Bowl party serves as a learning opportunity for students

LOC2CImagine you have never watched a football game in your entire life. Almost impossible to imagine, right?

By Alyssa Newton | LOC Editor 09 February 2014

Senior Bowl 2014: There’s no place like home

For the past 63 years, Mobile, Ala. has been home to the most unique postseason football game there is: the Senior Bowl.

By Alyssa Newton | LOC Editor 06 February 2014

New football league, new opportunities for players

Professional scouts are a familiar sight in Mobile once practice for the Senior Bowl begins. This year, however, the clipboard-toting evaluators on the sidelines were joined by representatives of a new kind of professional football league.

By Ryan Wallace | Contributing Writer 06 February 2014

Quidditch gears up for tournaments

Quidditch, once a fictional game in the “Harry Potter” series, has evolved into a serious, competitive sport that merges different aspects of rugby, dodge ball and soccer into one.

By Jenna Munday | Contributing Writer 06 February 2014

Annual MLK service day underway in Mobile

JL1CIn his final speech before his assassination, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. emphasized the importance of helping those around us by using a well-known Bible story, the good Samaritan.

By Noah Logan | Staff Reporter 27 January 2014

Basketball managers vital to Jaguars’ program

LOC1CTo have a fine-tuned machine, all of the gears and parts have to be in sync. In the machine that is South Alabama’s basketball program, those gears are known as managers.

By Alyssa Newton | LOC Editor 27 January 2014

Former Jag signs with Winnipeg Blue Bombers

The Vanguard was able to interview former defensive back/wide reciever Gabe Loper who recently signed with the Canadian Football League’s Winnipeg Blue Bombers.

By Alyssa Newton | LOC Editor 27 January 2014

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