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Campus Housing Death Update

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Brandon Aijadeh, suspected of stabbing James Franklin Dean 25 times with a butcher knife on July 10, was reportedly distraught after a rejection on Facebook and a soured friendship.

Aijadeh, Dean, and two friends were together in the Delta 6 dorm room the night of Dean’s death.

Aijadeh’s Twitter account showed posts about one of the other men present, Kennan Henderson, a fellow student of Dean and Aijadeh at Murphy High School.

Aijadeh felt that Henderson had betrayed him and was reportedly jealous of the friendship between Dean and Henderson.

Henderson deleted Aijadeh from his Facebook “friend” list, according to the testimony of USAPD Officer Phil Fishel, which allegedly emotionally upset Aijadeh.

Henderson and his friend allegedly left the dorm, leaving Aijadeh and Dean alone before Dean’s death.

Aijadeh has given conflicting stories of the events of that night, including citing self-defense, implying that Dean had made unwanted sexual advances toward him.

Officer Fishel stated that investigators discovered blood-covered walls and obvious bloody handprints in the Delta 6 room of Dean’s death.

Officer Fishel also confirmed the bloody fingerprints were a positive match to Aijadeh.

Dean, a non-USA student, had reportedly been living with Aijadeh for 3 months, according to reports.

USA Housing does not permit non-students to reside in campus dorms and was unaware of Dean’s living arrangements with Aijadeh.

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Written by Cassie Fambro | Editor-In-Chief

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