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SGA hopefuls strive to set themselves apart

N1SGA presidential candidates (L to R) Danielle Watson, James Denny and Josef Hobdy respond to questions at the debate March 28.The SGA candidate forum held March 28, attracted more students than past debates. Elections committee chairman Coleman Wolf moderated the debate between attorney general, chief justice, treasurer and presidential candidates.

By Noah Logan | Staff Reporter 07 April 2014


Highly competitive scholarship awarded

Sophomore Catherine Zivanov, a chemistry major, has been named the 2014 Goldwater Scholar by the Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship and Excellence in Education Foundation.

By Stephanie Feather | Managing Editor 07 April 2014

ROTC prepares the elite to serve and protect

JL2COne of the hallmarks of attending college is participation in student groups.

By Ryan Wallace | Contributing Writer 07 April 2014

Hillary Clinton is not the hero this country needs

The silly cycle is nigh upon us once again. After a too-short and much-needed break from campaigning on a national scale, we’re about two and a half years away from the next presidential election.

By Ryan Wallace | Contributing Writer 07 April 2014

Is Hollywood’s perception of beauty changing for good?

The entertainment industry is fueled by images. We are presented with pretty, young and incredibly skinny celebrities who are always regarded as “the next big thing” and pushed in our faces as someone whom we can “really get to know.”

By Shannon House | Contributing Writer 07 April 2014


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